Considering Carnival: Carnival Buzz

Here in Trinidad and Tobago we are finding ways to keep our Carnival memory in tact; pan performances, fetes in your living room, carnival tents on YouTube, Junior Calypso Competitions online.  Most importantly we have at least one consistent source…

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Considering Carnival: Back Yard Jam

This week I’ve been listening to “things Carnival”;  you, songs, news updates.  The word that has floated to the top of my consciousness is “Backyard Jam”.  Could this be the way we celebrate Carnival in 2021 and re-think the essentials…

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Considering Carnival (Introduction)

Carnival is more than a parade.  It is a ritual of creation and interaction through which and in which African Heritage people in the Americas remember their ancestors. their heritage, their connection and their power.  It is where we in…

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