Considering Carnival (Introduction)

Carnival is more than a parade.  It is a ritual of creation and interaction through which and in which African Heritage people in the Americas remember their ancestors. their heritage, their connection and their power.  It is where we in Trinidad have placed our Canboulay feast, the feast that recognises the end of our forced servitude and reminds us that liberation is an ongoing exercise. The question then is never if we will participate in Carnival arts (pan, kaiso and mas’) in the weeks preceding the vernal equinox but how we will do so.

This series of posts is my bid to share the action that I am a part of and/or aware of during this Trinidad and Tobago 2021 Carnival Season. I would love it if you shared information about what’s on, virtual and otherwise.  Email me at <>

Calypso Queen Stacey Sobers performs this Saturday 9th Jan 7pm.  Virtual.