Considering Carnival: Carnival Buzz

Here in Trinidad and Tobago we are finding ways to keep our Carnival memory in tact; pan performances, fetes in your living room, carnival tents on YouTube, Junior Calypso Competitions online.  Most importantly we have at least one consistent source to go to to find out about it:Peter Blood’s “Pulse by Bloodline” is online, on FaceBook. 

The EJC’s “Woodbrook Party” on Saturday 6th February will feature a live performance by Moyenne and special guests, and a selection of kaiso and soca recordings.  Patrons who accept the invitation to attend can carry their own drinks, make a contribution to the staging of this activity and expect COVID 19 protocols. RSVPs are a must given the occupancy limit.  Find out more about the event and reservations here: 

Carnival is not the same but it definitely is “happening” just turn on your radio or click on your link or make your way to a back yard jam with your sanitiser and mask and PUMP.